Live Webinar: Zimbra 8 Q&A

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On December 12th @ 7am PST/ 10am EST/ 4pm CET as VMware discuss how Zimbra can help you to simplify your IT efforts, while complying with stringent security policies, and balancing the increasing demands of a more mobile workforce.

Live Webinar: The Next Level of Security In Email / Collaboration

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Join Zimbra on Tuesday, May 1 at 10:00 am PDT for a live webinar to learn more about how VMware Zimbra, the leader in open source email/collaboration, is revolutionising security and compliance in the email and collaboration space. During this live event, you’ll learn how VMware Zimbra’s new and advanced security features deliver unparalleled protection, safeguard sensitive information and privacy and enable you to more easily manage risk, compliance and data policies.

Zimbra Standard Edition License Changes

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Effective March 1, 2012 ActiveSync will no longer be included or available with Zimbra Standard Edition . The Microsoft Outlook Connector and ActiveSync support will only be available as part of the Zimbra Professional Edition.

Zimbra Collaboration Server 7.1.4 released

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Zimbra Collaboration Server 7.1.4 has been released which includes a lot of bug fixes (175) and 14 new features. The Agilemail team will upgrade all managed Agilemail customers over the next 2 weeks. Otherwise, if you do need assistance upgrading please contact us.

Happy holidays 2011!

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Happy holidays! The team @ Agileware wish you a safe and happy Christmas and look forward to catching up with you again in 2012.

Authenticate with your ISP using outgoing SMTP authentication

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If you are running your Zimbra server in your office then it is recommended that your Zimbra server use the ISP for the office as a relay MTA. This tells Zimbra to relay all email direct to the ISP’s email server instead of attempting to deliver the email directly to the destination mail server. But what happens if your ISP implements a rule to require authentication for all relayed email? Well, you can configure Zimbra to automatically authenticate for you.