Announcing new service – Zimbra installation with administration training

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Today, a new service is available from Agileware Zimbra install and training service, suitable for organisations wishing to deploy Zimbra quickly. Feedback on this service, details and price is most welcome! This service is designed to be both cost-effective and deliver significant value to your organisation. Utilising best of breed open source software and include commercial vendor support options. As …

Save 10% on Zimbra Standard, Professional and Mobile

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End of financial year sale time for Zimbra. You can now save 10% on these Zimbra products: Zimbra Starter Zimbra Standard Zimbra Professional Zimbra Mobile Zimbra Archiving Take advantage of a strong Aussie dollar combined with this sale to grab significant savings. Offer ends 30th June. No lay-bys or rain cheques. [inline:zimbra_promotion_june09.png]

The land of the free

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Fortune smiled on us last month when Pia Waugh, fellow open source software advocate kindly referred a reporter (Cynthia Karena) from Fairfax Media to Agileware. Cynthia was doing a story on open source for small businesses, right up my alley. After a few quick emails and a referral to a recent Zimbra customer, it got printed. Woo hoo! The Age: …

Zimbra – Open Technologies Displace Incumbents in the Enterprise

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From OSCON 2008, Embrace and Extend: Making Open Technologies Displace Incumbents in the Enterprise by Kevin Henrikson (Zimbra), This is a great overview of Zimbra including the strategy, the software stack and why open source software is such a powerful competitor to proprietary software in todays’ cash strapped economies. Open source and web technologies promise to dispatch older proprietary …

Zimbra vs Exchange – a feature and cost comparison

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We received a few Zimbra vs Exchange questions this week and also discussed this with another IT partner over coffee. Seeing this as a common theme, I found this great presentation on which succinctly compares Zimbra and Exchange. Definitely worth a look if you are tasked with putting together a business case to swap-out Exchange for Zimbra. Conclusion (from …

ZDNet Australia: Top alternatives to Microsoft Outlook

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ZDNet Australia recently surveyed the email and collaboration offerings from Microsoft, Novell, IBM, Zimbra and other Open Source solutions. With a subtitle of “Quit Outlook: 3 easy steps, you don’t need to fight this alone” you can expect an interesting review. The Zimbra section of the review is here,,139023769,339295046-12,00.htm Zimbra appears to have all the features of Outlook, including …

McAfee Report – Carbon Footprint of Spam

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It’s official, spam is no longer just a pain-in-the-inbox. It’s now buggering up our environment too! For Australia, the statistics were slightly better overall compared to other countries. But still spam has a environmental cost: 0.2 grams of C02 for a single spam message Energy use for spam is an estimated 234 million kWh/year in total 16 kWh/year (approx.) energy …