How does Zimbra perpetual licensing work?

The Zimbra Perpetual license is a nontransferable right to use the license for the number of mailboxes in the agreement. At the end of the 1st year from the date of issuance of the Zimbra license key and provided that support is still generally available, customer can pay a maintenance fee to continue to receive support, upgrades and updates or can continue to use the then current version for the number of license mailboxes in perpetuity for no additional fees.

I need more mailboxes. How do I purchase additional Zimbra mailbox licenses?

If you need additional Zimbra mailbox licenses then you just submit an order for the number of additional licenses required in units of 25 mailboxes. The minimum order quantity is 25 mailboxes.

Agilemail will process the order and then you will be issued with an updated Zimbra license. This new license includes existing plus the additional licenses.

Fees are not prorated, instead any difference in fees are discounted against the next license renewal.

What are the renewal or on-going costs for the Zimbra software?

Zimbra is licensed either on an yearly subscription (1, 2 or 3 years options available) or a perpetual license with annual support. The cost for renewing the yearly subscription is the same as the initial subscription cost. There is no renewal for a perpetual license, instead you can choose to renew the annual support to continue to access Zimbra support and newer versions of Zimbra software.