Are there any free trials available for Zimbra?

Yes! Zimbra is available as a free 60 day trial which can be installed on your own server. Trial editions are available in VMWare Appliance or a installation. During your trial, you have the added benefit of support from both Agileware and the Zimbra team. A perfect no-risk option if you want to evaluate, load-test or even start migrating users in your organisation. The trial provides Zimbra Professional Edition. Please contact us to receive a Zimbra 60 day trial license key.

Are there any large installations of Zimbra in Australia?

Yes, Westnet Australia have 300,000 mailboxes soon to be 1 million. From Westnet’s website – Westnet has carefully selected Zimbra, who are the leader in next-generation messaging and collaboration software, for this webmail platform software. Zimbra‚Äôs market changing approach to messaging and collaboration has received significant recognition in the industry.

Are there many Zimbra sites in Australia?

Yes, there is a growing number of companies in Australia moving to Zimbra. This include private companies, non-profits, schools and Universities. We are also receiving enquiries from local and Federal Government agencies about Zimbra. If you require a reference site and contact please let us know.