Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: What are the recommended steps for installing a new CentOS server for Zimbra?

To install a new CentOS 5.6 server x64 / i686, Agilemail recommend the following steps.1. Download and burn to CD or mount the required ISOs. You will only need CD1 and CD3. the ISO images are available on during the installation process:2. You can SKIP the testing of the CD media step. This is not required.3. Make the logical selections for language, keyboard layout and timezone.4. Network should be set to a static IP address.5. Partition as required.6. Unselect ALL default software packages. 7. Choose to Customize Now the software packages. 8. Software packages, select: Base System, Base only. Unselect all others. 9. You should see a confirmation of the required media, CD1 and CD3. If not then go back a step. 10. Continue with the installation.Once the CentOS software has been installed:11. Login as root, run software updates, yum -y updateYou now have an up to date, minimal CentOS server ready for Zimbra installation.