Academic Zimbra

Academic pricing is only available to certified education institutions and organisations, such as schools, Universities and TAFEs. Specific criteria must be met by the customer to qualify for this pricing.

  • Annual Subscription

    Annual Subscription (2)

    Annual Subscription includes both a license for the product and support for 1 year.

    • Perpetual License

      Perpetual License (6)

      Perpetual License is a 99 year license to use the product. This includes support and upgrades for the initial 1 year period. Support and upgrades can be renewed annually at a reduced rate. Licenses with an expired support upgrade subscription are locked to the version installed at the time support and upgrade subscription was current.

      • Renew Upgrades and Support

        Renew Upgrades and Support (6)

        This subscription is only available to existing Zimbra Perpetual Licenses. This subscription renews Zimbra support and access to Zimbra software upgrades for 1 year.

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