What’s Next for Zimbra Community 8.0

Neeru and Rob from Zimbra talk about what will be coming to Zimbra for Community 8.0. In this webinar, they will be highlighting the 8.0 updates that include: instant messaging, crowdsource ideas, social logins, content discovery and real-time alerts.

Support Program Overview

Thom from Zimbra overviews the new support program released in September of 2014. This update is available to all Zimbra customers and partners.

Secure and Private Collaboration

Brett from Zimbra talks about secure and private collaboration and critical questions for reducing risk security breaches. Learn the risk your business has when using a platform that doesn’t offer protection again viruses and spam.

The Evolution of Collaboration

Want to know more about Zimbra’s improvements on their open-source software? Jon goes over the changes Zimbra has made in order to make their software easy to manage, more accessible to multiple devices and creating a better user-base.

How To Join Zimbra’s Service Provider Program

Andy & Jon from Zimbra talks about joining Zimbra’s Service Provider Program. In this webinar, they will be going over Zimbra Service Providers Program Overview, Program Benefits and Requirements, Zimbra Partner Community and Zimbra Training.

Community 8.0 Upgrade

Speakers: Brendan, Jim and Jason from Zimbra talk about the Community Upgrade 8.0. In this webinar, they discuss the community 8.0 highlights, a demonstration of the upgrade and upgrade considerations.